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    Truganina Service Centre

    We provide a complete used vehicle inspection solution to our customers. We provide used car inspection services that include a detailed analysis of the body of the vehicle, paint, damage caused by accident, rust, etc. We understand the importance of yours and your vehicle’s safety, and therefore, we offer the best services at the most reasonable prices. Moreover, you can also enjoy the deals and offers we provide with our used vehicle inspection services. If you are planning to purchase a second-hand car always buy a well inspected vehicle that has gone through a thorough check up.

    Our Services

    Basic Service

    Making the effort to get regular service also makes it more affordable. Minor issues picked up early won’t turn into major problems that could get very expensive. Not only that, getting it recorded in your logbook will keep your vehicle covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Basic Service

    Safety Checks

    Driving can be a dangerous activity. Road traffic accidents account for a staggering 1.24 million deaths per year globally.1 Aside from poor driving skills and road conditions, mechanical failure, poor vehicle maintenance and tyre failure/condition is a major contributing factor.

    Safety Checks

    Logbook Service

    Log book servicing is a thorough service of your car according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Doing this will keep your car under warranty. But there are several other major advantages.

    Logbook Service


    We can provide all your car brake service including disc rotor machining, on-car disc rotor machining, brake drum machining, resleeve stainless steel cylinder repairs, brake valve repairs, brake shoe relining and cleaning. All this is simply part of our wonderful auto care.


    Roadworthy Certificate and Repairs

    We provide roadworthy inspections and repairs according to the Vicroads and Vehicle standards.

    Roadworthy Certificate and Repairs


    We offer a full range of clutch auto care including clutch rebuilding and repairs, flywheel grinding, clutch plate relining, and clutch hydraulic repairs for heavy vehicles.



    Truganina Service Centre are the car mechanics you can trust, the dedicated team at Truganina Service Centre have one common goal which is Success. Our focus on customer service highlights the benefits of good communication which in turn will enable us to exceed your expectations again and again.

    Your time is precious to us:

    We communicate the delivery date on the same day your car arrives at our workshop for repairs.

    No unpleasant surprises:

    We always check with you before carrying out any additional work that may add to your expenses or cause a delay in completion.

    The brand of spare parts matters too:

    We use genuine spare parts manufactured by trusted brands only. These are sourced directly and therefore are cheaper than parts sold by authorised dealers.

    Repair over replace:

    We replace parts only when necessary. We take pride in our mechanics who are skilled to repair parts and make them as good as new. This saves you a lot of money and puts a little less burden on the environment too.

    Expert teams operate smart machines

    All our mechanics and technicians are trained in the latest automotive technology through various offline and online training programmes. We use the latest equipment for diagnostic and repairs

    We take nothing more than our fees:

    We keep all the replaced parts carefully wrapped in the boot of your car for you to dispose

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